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Statement Peices

happy toddler girl having fun on sandy seashore at sundown

Trendy Baby and Toddler Clothes – What’s Trending in 2023 If you’ve ever looked at your little one’s closet and thought “Yep, my baby dresses better than I do?” you’re in the right place. For some parents, dressing their baby is…

Sustainability in the Manufacturing Process

crop smiling woman carrying bag with vegetables in garden

One of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, the fashion and textile industries have come under the strict radar of governments across the world. The industry uses 10% of the world’s water resources, employs energy-intensive manufacturing processes, and is widely…

Our Manufacturer Partners

crop person showing cotton in hands

Mantis World has been making high quality, responsibly produced garments that are designed for decoration since the company was founded in 2000 by Prama Bhardwaj, who is still our CEO and the driving force behind all we do. Our aims…

New Trends in Children’s Attire

baby lying on white cushion beside brown bear plush toy

2023 is a big year in kid’s fashion!  Your little one will be a total trendsetter this year if you dress them according to these fashions fads.    Everyone, including kids, loves to look fashionable.  However, since it might not…

Raising Self Confident Children

black women and girl with closed eyes in street

Learning starts right from a child’s birth. Slowly as the child grows up, it learns new skills and abilities. Along with these new skills, the child also gains the confidence required. Therefore, for children, confidence is an essential element. Without…